Azure Services

Azure includes many services in its cloud computing platform.

  • Compute services: This includes the Microsoft Azure Cloud Services (web and worker roles), Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Websites, and Azure Mobile Services.
  • Data services: This includes Microsoft Azure Storage (comprised of the Blob, Queue, Table, and Azure Files services), Azure SQL Database, and the Redis Cache.
  • Application services: This includes services that you can use to help build and operate your applications, such as the Azure Active Directory, Service Bus for connecting distributed systems,
    HDInsight for processing big data, the Azure Scheduler, and Azure Media Services.
  • Network services: This includes Azure features such as Virtual Networks, the Azure Content Delivery Network, and the Azure Traffic Manager.

When migrating an application, it is worthwhile to have some understanding of the different services available in Azure, because you might be able to use them to simplify the migration of your application and improve its robustness.